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Fifteen years ago, Megyn Kelly was working as an attorney and was married to a physician. “On paper, I felt that I was succeeding
The Fox News host's response to Ammon Bundy is perfect.
"The last thing many of these students want is real diversity, diversity of ideas."
Watch the latest video at But, in the conclusion of Megyn Kelly's two-part interview with the Duggar family
Wednesday's show consisted of part one of a two-part interview with the parents of Josh Duggar, the TLC star who recently
Fox News host Megyn Kelly isn't letting Donald Trump get away with claiming he's qualified to run for president. Kelly also
Huckabee missed an opportunity to speak about the social, political, economic and religious structures reflected in the Bible which systematically devalued and oppressed women in the male-ruled world, with a tendency to leave them destitute.
Last night, during a segment on The Kelly File, I asserted that U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) took to the House floor to make a claim that President Barack Obama was born in Kenya. That assertion was incorrect, and for that I apologize.
Watch the latest video at "Yes, you've led the fight on certain issues," Kelly responded, "but what have
Kelly also revealed that while Fox News was her top choice, had she received an offer from MSNBC 10 years earlier, she would
"Oh, my God," Kelly said. "Seriously? Seriously? Everyone knew what they were getting? Is that what you want the viewers