The Kids Are All Right

"These stories will be from children raised by LGBTQ+ parent(s), and I want to hear every situation possible."
You read every book on parenting, but you're still frightened your kid is going to grow up to resent you. After all, the family unit is no longer. What can you do? The answer is simple.
Not every gay character needs to be defined by his or her sexuality. Can't being gay just be one stitch in the fabric of someone's life? In movies, can't we depict men and women who just so happen to be gay -- perhaps a lawyer or soldier or business executive or scientist or engineer?
"The Kids Are All Right" followed a lesbian couple (Moore and Bening) and their two kids who meet and bond with their sperm
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What seems like a conventional romantic dramedy of high school yearning, then, is given a new breathe of life (and death
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Despite the glitz, glamor, and air kissing associated with Sunday night's Oscars, marital discord is a recurring theme among
Let's start with the front runner: The King's Speech. You could easily go with several different options here, but I'd go basic.
No matter what you think of Hollywood's new voting process -- which I believe is fairer and more democratic -- here's one thing we can all agree on: it will help the Oscars make more money.
Superficially speaking, The Kids are All Right is a good film. But is it really alright that a man who'd been invited into a family's life is viciously banished?
There is a distinct subset of films about same-sex couples who, unlike in The Kids Are All Right, are forced to take over the care of a child due to unexpected circumstances.
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Moore, who was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in 'The Kids Are All Right,' was snubbed in the Oscar nominations
At this year's Golden Globes De Niro was given the Cecil B. DeMille award for his acting, but it should also be noted how
Whether you like it or not, families created through alternative reproductive methods are on the rise. States must acknowledge this trend and instead of seeking to prevent their use should enact legislation.
As Hollywood readies for Sunday night's Academy Awards, movie fans around the world wonder who will take home the Oscar for