the kitchen

Melissa McCarthy used the red carpet of her movie “The Kitchen” to gush about meeting members of the United States women's national soccer team.
Hello Mazel is a quarterly subscription box service that's perfect for modern-day Jews.
With his prolific works Richard Maxwell gives the inescapable impression that he finds the niceties of theatrical production -- things like scripting, acting, design -- compromising. The more well crafted they are, the more removed they are from holding up the mirror to true life.
Anicka Yi, Grabbing At Newer Vegetables, 2015, Plexiglas, agar, female bacteria, fungus, 84.5 x 24.5 inches, Courtesy of
Serves 2 Ingredients: 4 Tablespoons butter 4 Tomatoes Salt Directions: Place the tomatoes in a blender and blend if you prefer
Rehearsing was a challenge all of its own -- Leung kept editing and changing the script from day to day -- but it was an
The confluence in New York this summer of two exhibitions by Pictures Artists, Jack Goldstein at The Jewish Museum and Gretchen Bender at The Kitchen, supplied the more theoretically-minded art cognoscenti an art historical quandary to ponder.
Make this the year you learn new skills, cook new foods and gain new confidence in the kitchen. These ideas will take you
I don't think Lassry is all that interested in dance. I think he was creating a living sculpture. Perhaps there was a deliberate attempt to mirror the flatness of the photos with a "flat" performance. But why waste 10 world-class dancers on such a task?
Detroit has no venues like NYC's The Kitchen, and Performa never makes its way to Michigan. But perhaps the appearance of The Hinterlands at MOCAD marks an important milestone in our city's cultural offerings.
The things that make this production so exciting are also the hardest things to explain in this kind of review.
Sitting in a 300-person audience with Marina Abramovic and members of the Wooster Group, one gets the sense that Michelson, for those that don't know her work, is an artist's artist.
The owners of The Kitchen and Tahona Tequila Bistro are planning to open new restaurants that would neighbor their respective
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And so the story unfolds around how the Galli got snatched into a hot mess of unrequited desire gone mad; consequently cast
On Saturday I revealed to perfect strangers the most personal, private, intimate part of myself... my art.
The Anticipation List... (by The Awl Staff) • The Company Men--but mostly because of "Chris Cooper, HELLO." --Doree Shafrir
Boulder was not the small town I had expected. It is a vivacious community of sophisticated people, who have the same aspirations and expectations you find in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.