The Lancet

“This statement is factually incorrect,” The Lancet said of one accusation against the World Health Organization.
Trump's "magic bullets" won't work, warns The Lancet. It's going to take "test, trace and isolate."
Dr. Mehmet Oz said the thousands of lives that could be lost by reopening schools are a “trade-off,” one that’s possibly worth the benefit to communities.
With a new myth-busting report, experts hope real health concerns can become part of a “more human” immigration debate.
Up to 650,000 people in the world die from seasonal flu each year. This is much higher than the often-used numbers of 250,000
In the pollution fight, humanity loses at least nine million lives every year, which disproportionately hits poor countries
Heatwaves, disease-carrying insects and prolonged allergies are some of the early symptoms noted in a major new report.
The notion that poisoning the planet is bad for people and profits is not shared universally.
This essay was coauthored with Dr. Patrick Markey at Villanova University. Helping parents and policy makers understand the
Women around the globe are having millions of risky abortions every year, a new study has found.