The Last of Us

“He did save the world,” Ramsey said during her surprising take on the character’s controversial decision.
The HBO star revealed her love for an unconventional breakfast mashup in a resurfaced clip.
The "Yellowjackets" star is getting widespread acclaim after decades as a working actor.
The wildly popular HBO series recently wrapped up — and star Ramsey is teasing what’s next.
Co-creator, Craig Mazin, shared that the hit HBO show nearly wrapped up differently than the game.
The popular scene from the survival game was featured in the season's last episode of the hit HBO show.
Johnson, who played Chrissy on “Growing Pains,” has significant ties to the video game on which the HBO hit is based.
The actor shared a "really sweet observation" with his younger "Last of Us" co-star.
The two had strong chemistry during a sweet scene in the show's fourth season, but pesky vampires ruined everything.
“Something you might want to fix,” the fan tweeted at series creator Neil Druckmann with a screenshot of the production hiccup.