The Last Word

"The Last Word” host said the president's “impeachable offenses” have now become “even more impeachable."
The first of four exclusive extracts from final installment of Crisp's autobiography.
But, wait, there is more. Then everyone gathers in a rehearsal studio and fights for their choices. (I would hope there is
Gin & Tonic At long last, spring is here! And now that the sun is shining and the flowers are getting ready to bloom, it's
Want to drink like Gatsby? Look toward these six classic cocktails.
"I didn't have that luxury in the part of Boston that I grew up in, but in your rich, suburban, Boston life, with your father
Romney is in real trouble over his taxes. It is evident in his refusal to release prior returns. It is evident from the insipid laugh he fakes when he is confronted on it.
Lawrence O'Donnell on Tuesday mocked Bill O'Reilly's apology about getting the Supreme Court's verdict on President Obama's
O'Donnell closed by saying that Trump "is not smart enough" to run for president, and does not have the "courage" or, most
Romney got himself into a bit of trouble when he admitted that he pays an effective tax rate of 15 percent, and brushed off
He added, "the actual, real crime rate would drop instantly because these police criminals would no longer be assaulting
O'Donnell then directed the question to Wurzelbacher and asked if he supported abolishing Social Security and Medicare. Wurzelbacher
Bashir didn't buy Suskind's defense. He suggested that former White House budget director Peter Orszag, who resigned in 2010
O'Donnell took several minutes to unpack this statement. He first noted that Congress, not Obama, holds the taxation power
Lawrence O'Donnell tore into Congressman Joe Walsh for continuing to not pay child support on Thursday's "Last Word," reiterating
Arianna appeared on the Wednesday edition of MSNBC's 'The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell', sharing her views on President
O'Donnell then played an extended clip of Bill Maher trying to sell socialism to skeptical Americans. O'Donnell has repeatedly
He said he would welcome Walsh back "on the night when he has done his duty to his first three children and the mother of
Bill Maher took President Obama to task for his handling of the debt ceiling debate during an appearance on Lawrence O'Donnell's