The Last Word

"The Last Word” host said the president's “impeachable offenses” have now become “even more impeachable."
The first of four exclusive extracts from final installment of Crisp's autobiography.
Sometime last week, when I was almost done with the New York Musical Festival (NYMF), I wrote a friend: "I'm a fan of everything
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Want to drink like Gatsby? Look toward these six classic cocktails.
O'Donnell replayed a radio interview with Tagg, in which Romey's son joked about wanting to "take a swing" at the president
Romney is in real trouble over his taxes. It is evident in his refusal to release prior returns. It is evident from the insipid laugh he fakes when he is confronted on it.
O'Reilly had pledged to "apologize for being an idiot" if the Court upheld the individual mandate. The court did, and on
It happens like clockwork: Donald Trump embarks on a new foray into the political world, and Lawrence O'Donnell cheerfully