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"The Late Late Show" host comically filled in for White House staffers but the president got in the best line.
The "Carpool Karaoke" creator said his family factored into his decision to depart the show after eight years.
The former president offered tips on advocating for reasonable gun control on "The Late Late Show."
The British "Late Late Show" host addressed the Texas school shooting in a heartfelt moment.
The British comedian said he'd been "thinking about it for a long time."
A debate about wedding music took a musical turn on "The Late Late Show."
The two-time halfpipe Winter Games champ confessed on "The Late Late Show" that her precious hardware is missing.
The Super Bowl defensive hero for the Los Angeles Rams reveled in "living the dream" on "The Late Late Show."
On “The Late Late Show,” Corden inserted himself into the “Get Back” footage to portray a previously unknown Beatle named Gary Thump.