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They are indeed important to our health care infrastructure and deserve Congressional attention. But AHRQ and its bespectacled
At the heart of the patient-centered care movement is dignity and respect -- for a patient to feel heard, safe, and informed. We can't do it with pillow mints alone.
"You can be a hospital with a mortality rate that's twice as high as your neighbor's down the street, and the financial consequences of that are pretty trivial."
Carole Moss joins HuffPost Live to discuss the death of her son, who caught MRSA while staying in a hospital.
Hospitals need to find more sophisticated approaches to this new era of consumerism and transparency. To understand the bankruptcy of their current strategy, think of it this way. Imagine that movie studio heads formed a committee and wrote a report denouncing all the film reviewers.
A. Assign additional employees to check the sales receipt after every purchase and check each customer's grocery cart before
According to a new study just out from the prestigious Journal of Patient Safety, four times as many people die from preventable medical errors than we thought, as many as 440,000 a year.
It's time we applied such common sense to healthcare spending, and a much-discussed new book does just that: Cracking Health Costs: How to Cut Your Company's Costs and Provide Employees Better Care, by Tom Emerick and Al Lewis.
Thirty-two health systems in the United States are designated by the federal government as "Pioneer ACOs." Yesterday CMS, the agency that runs Medicare and Medicaid, announced that several of them are quitting as pioneers.