the leftovers

One last reminder that the actress, up for two acting Emmys in two separate series this year, has long been a key ingredient to television success.
“The word ‘Christian’ has been stolen in 2017 in America by the Christian right.”
See which of your favorites were omitted from this year's ballot.
The Leftovers is a beautiful and harrowing story of a world struggling to find meaning within chaos, and of one family within
Unless you are a pop-culture masochist and find perverse joy in Manimal, the Regan-Era show whose shape-shifting premise was culled from Greco-Roman mythology and whose very brief existence was a Tragedy, you probably won't want to watch a bad TV show for very long. Why would you, in this age of unprecedentedly great TV?
In real life we do our best to hide (the bulk of) our pain from other people. After a bad night, we put on a nice outfit and a big smile and only a trusted few -- if even that many -- ever get to see us with our pain exposed to another's eyes.
Like Lost, The Leftovers is not about gods or God, not about worship, nor even truth. It's not about what happened, but how
This Sunday is the airdate of the final episode of Season Two. Will all our questions be answered? Since I am shown script pages only for the scenes that Pillar Man appears in, I know little more than any other fan.
And then weirdly plays with her look-alike mannequin.