the lego movie

Hear me out ― "The Lego Movie" has something to say about our cartoonishly bad leadership.
Director Mike Mitchell reveals some magical "Lego Movie 2" cameos and one unfortunate cut.
The news comes after Lucasfilm parted ways with the original directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller.
By Signe Brewster for WIRED. Despite the blocky, herky-jerky quality of their visuals, 2014’s The Lego Movie and its box
Sen. Ron Johnson received a visit from Lord Business, the movie's villain -- a setup from Democratic challenger Russ Feingold's campaign.
The image can include anything from "largemouth bass" to "cool guns or rollerblades."
Also, the settings appear to be extra PG, even replacing the word “sex,” for instance, with “awesome,” shown here in a blog
As part of today's official announcement of Disney Television Animation's Tangled series, Gary Marsh -- President and Chief Creative Officer of Disney Channels Worldwide -- was quick to praise the talented team that has come together to make this new TV show possible.
Sen. Ron Johnson has been attacking Hollywood liberals for the supposed anti-business propaganda of The Lego Movie. But co-producers John Powers Middleton and Dan Lin, it would seem, make an odd pair to lead the revolution against the business class.