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Director Mike Mitchell reveals some magical "Lego Movie 2" cameos and one unfortunate cut.
The news comes after Lucasfilm parted ways with the original directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller.
By Signe Brewster for WIRED. Despite the blocky, herky-jerky quality of their visuals, 2014’s The Lego Movie and its box
Sen. Ron Johnson received a visit from Lord Business, the movie's villain -- a setup from Democratic challenger Russ Feingold's campaign.
The image can include anything from "largemouth bass" to "cool guns or rollerblades."
It replaces curse words with the friendly term, like here, in a HuffPost Comedy blog titled Toys 'R' Us: The Seventh Circle
As part of today's official announcement of Disney Television Animation's Tangled series, Gary Marsh -- President and Chief Creative Officer of Disney Channels Worldwide -- was quick to praise the talented team that has come together to make this new TV show possible.
Sen. Ron Johnson has been attacking Hollywood liberals for the supposed anti-business propaganda of The Lego Movie. But co-producers John Powers Middleton and Dan Lin, it would seem, make an odd pair to lead the revolution against the business class.
This whole "fact-checking" thing is kind of new for a lot of folks on the right. Kudos for the attempt, in my book.
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The Tribute salutes filmmaking as a collaborative effort, led by the director who guides the cast and crew in creating a film that moves you.
H/T Viral Viral Videos So, was "The LEGO Movie" a 100-minute toy commercial, a wonderful film -- or both? Watch the honest
Mattel has plenty of stellar executives. But as the company searches for its new leader from outside or within its walls, it needs to select the one who has entertainment, franchise development, and storytelling expertise in his or her DNA, and who can infuse the same at all levels and in all discussions.
The PGAs have correctly picked the last seven Best Picture winners (if we count the tie). Their last miss came back in 2006, when The Departed won the Oscar over PGA champion Little Miss Sunshine.
4. "The Lego Movie" A recent study by Hawaiian Airlines showed that passengers flying on their North American routes to and