the life of pablo

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Tuesday I learned that Kanye West's 'The Life of Pablo' debuted at #1 on Billboard's 200 chart. I was shocked.
Kanye West's The Life of Pablo is, without exaggeration, the most confusing and ineffective album release I've ever come across, and given how much money could have been made from a well-coordinated release, the potential revenue lost is staggering.
On February 11, 2016, Kanye West delivered us from our two-and-a-half-year, purgatorial wait for his seventh studio album. His third Yeezy collection for Adidas debuted at Madison Square Garden to the soundtrack of his highly anticipated and thoroughly outstanding new album: The Life of Pablo (or at least one version of it).
He released "The Life of Pablo" online after the show.
Please stop. Shut up. Stop tweeting. Stop talking. And stop acting like "name one genius that ain't crazy" is a reason to act like an ignorant asshole. You think of yourself as a "soldier of culture," and yet your entire message is engulfed by your public persona.