the lion king

Takeaways from Hollywood's ongoing existential crisis.
The "Star Wars" creator's sage words also guided Favreau's direction of "The Lion King."
The Duchess of Sussex reminisced about her school days with actor Billy Eichner.
The "Last Week Tonight" host confirmed speculation about a promo photo of the cast.
The Disney classic helped create the rinse-and-recycle blueprint that now pervades Hollywood.
With lyrics like, "Melanin too dark to throw her shade," people on social media are celebrating the song's recognition of the beauty in dark-skinned complexions.
Beyoncé first came to fame singing with Destiny’s Child. Since then, Queen Bey has become one of the biggest pop culture icons in the world.
The Duke of Sussex might've seen some similarities between the film and his real, royal life.
The singer, actress and all-around icon scored six Emmy Award nominations and could add to that haul in the months to come.