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When Friedrich Nietzsche wrote his formula for human greatness, he defined it as amor fati. Latin for “love of fate,” this
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While the pro-death lobby likes to quibble over what constitutes a school shooting or argues that gun violence was even worse a generation ago, it does not change the documented fact that these measures will save lives.
The pinnacle of short story publications for a literary writer is The New Yorker. The famous magazine has published stories from National Book Award winners, Pulitzer Prize winners, and many more literary legends since its inception in 1925.
While Hollywood continues to offer up diversions -- something most of us need in one form or another -- in the real world there is a script we can follow to dramatically improve life on our planet.
Just as our gun culture has changed for the worse, it can also change for the better. If the common-sense majority can just shake off this paralyzing mantle of powerlessness, we can start making the changes we want in our world.
As the piece unfolds, dancers pair up and present themselves to the audience in a series of dances that give the impression of the day unfolding gradually. The mood is initially light, but begins to shift as the black box starts to take the focus -- and then the ritual begins.
I'm not perfect (shocking) and I have to admit there was that split-second I thought about sweeping the money off the counter and into my pocket -- there was no one there to stop me.
On Friday, Carter was presented with a giant check at the store where he bought the ticket. In June, an 18-year-old from
It's one thing when documentaries like Davis Guggenheim's Waiting for 'Superman and Madeleine Sackler's much better The Lottery look at problems in public education and offer some solutions (such as charter schools).
Interestingly enough, when John Ross Jr. won the lottery back in March, he told Appeal-Democrat that one of the things he
The Oscars come around so late in the process that it's like electing a prom queen... after the seniors have graduated and moved away to college.
2010-11-03-nn.jpg Regardless of what a school is called or whether or not it is unionized, I hope that we can begin focusing on solutions.
The Lottery is not a poor cousin of Waiting for 'Superman'. In some respects it's a purer and more honest film, ferocious in its anger.
The educational problems featured in recent documentaries are real. How different they are shows how increasing inequality has affected the educational system, family life, and childhood socialization.
Charter schools are all the rage these days. The public is increasingly smitten with them -- in this year's Phi Delta Kappa
If the hope for those young learners eager for a better education is to be pinned on the continued expansion of charter schools, they might just as well be waiting for Godot as for Superman.
Davis Guggenheim's Waiting for 'Superman,' is a provocative documentary that shows in both broad strokes and frightening detail how our schools continue to fail our children.
You are going to be hearing a lot about a film called Waiting for Superman. It's directed by Davis Guggenheim, who made An Inconvenient Truth, and its focus is school reform.