The Man in the High Castle

A female producer says the reports about Harvey Weinstein motivated her to speak out about Price.
Amazon launched the fictional pirate station to promote the next season of "The Man in the High Castle."
There’s really no nice way for us to tell you this… the news isn’t getting any better. 1. President Trump faces a deadline
"This Is Us" invites us to explore the issues that have been bluntly sidestepped by the circus of Trump’s absurdist ascendency.
And that's what the series showed in Season One so brilliantly in each occupied part of America. It wasn't just that Japanese
Too bad Phillip K. Dick isn't around anymore. What would his Man in the High Trump Castle look like in terms of a picture
Releasing an entire season of TV all at once sounds great on paper. You don't have to wait week after week for the next episode. You can see it all in a row, as a long story, rather than be tortured by trying to figure out what's going to happen next.
The person who is suspicious about the Asian American, whether he deserves the passport he carries thanks to birthright, should not be confused with the Asian American who wants to establish affinity, to confirm the possibility of integration.
Having managed crises and public relations disasters for the past three decades, I can't help but see the headlines through a particular lens. Suffice it to say, as far as PR goes, 2015 did not disappoint.
When I heard that Amazon was doing a miniseries based on Philip K. Dick's Hugo-winning novel from the Sixties, I realized that it had been sitting on my shelves between DeLillo and Didion for years. Once I picked up the 1992 paperback (with a weird cover) and dusted it off, I couldn't put it down.
"Mad Dogs" doesn't exactly break any TV molds, in that ensemble dramas starring mostly guys aren't hard to find. That said
There are ways of doing business in TV that are fed by cultural and personal biases, and there are commercial and financial
Have you ever considered what would happen if the United States was really invaded? 9/11 was a terrorist attack but there was no follow up.
European and Middle Eastern countries are often bounded by hostile neighbors. The Battle of Britain was a turning point in