The Mandalorian

Joe Dante, the director of the 1984 hit “Gremlins,” says the character’s look was “shamelessly” lifted from his iconic character.
Dave Filoni, an executive producer for the series, called the Grogu character a "slam dunk" in an interview with Vanity Fair.
Dave Filoni, an executive producer of "The Mandalorian," says the Star Wars creator wanted just one thing addressed for little Grogu.
"Yes Covid put a strain on our friendship, but we are all good," the "Don't Look Up" star wrote.
The actor told those who refuse to get the coronavirus shot exactly where they can go.
The actor, who played Cara Dune, says she's teamed up with right-wing website The Daily Wire after inflammatory social media posts got her canned at Lucasfilm.
The actor was fired from the Disney+ series after sharing problematic messages about the Holocaust on Instagram.
The actor played Cara Dune in the hit Disney+ series.
"This Is WAY cooler than the time Steven Tyler spilled red wine on my arm," she wrote.