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Donald Trump has repeatedly bashed undocumented immigrants are "rapists" and criminals. A new analysis debunks this claim.
The two women expected their case to go to trial. They planned to show the court their receipt for the soup and explain to the judge that Ms. Ellis is a vegan and never eats meat of any kind, much less a hot dog. But when their case came up, they were told there was not going to be a trial.
Louisiana, which has the highest incarceration rate in the country, no longer provides public defenders to all its people accused of crimes; within months over half its public defender offices are expected to become insolvent.
While recently watching Spotlight, a movie recounting The Boston Globe's investigation of the Catholic Church's sex abuse scandal, I was reminded of the important work that journalists do to keep powerful institutions honest.
Researchers think turning more vacant lots green might work.
Three prisons were ordered to provide transgender health care. Three prisoners were suddenly set free.
Pope Francis' speech at the Curran-Frumhold Correctional Facility was not explicit in any one message. Throughout, the Pope referenced Jesus' washing of the disciples' feet and taught about service, not serving time, but people in power serving others regardless of their present status.
Even though the U.S. Supreme Court has said it is unconstitutional, Louisiana still puts hundreds of people in prison every year just because they are too poor to pay court-ordered fines, court costs and costs of probation.
President Barack Obama's decision this week to commute the sentences of 46 nonviolent offenders is an important step, but
Assigned the appeal for condemned inmate Christopher Simmons – who, at age 17, wrapped a woman in electrical wire and duct
Willie Horton. The name is enough to make a politician blanch. Ever since 1988, when the George H. W. Bush presidential campaign
After dinner one night in January 2011, Diana Ramos left her apartment in Phoenix, Arizona to pick up some customers in the
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Kelsey Lindroth wears a tag to inform emergency medical personnel that she is on Vivitrol. (Alysia Santo/The Marshall Project
In July 2012, Lori Wallace, a wellness consultant, wanted to reconnect with her high school boyfriend, Sonny Wilson, whom
Marlin, Texas: A police sergeant was fired in August 2014 after posting this on Facebook: “The first day of the month! The
Ever since the Supreme Court ruled that prisoners suffering from “mental retardation” — a now outdated term — could not face