The Martian

As the summer comes to an end, it’s time to start planning next year’s vacations. You should consider visiting gorgeous filming locations from some of the best TV shows and movies. Here are some of our favorites.
Tourists in Jordan can now stay in a desert tent hotel inspired by the movie ‘The Martian’
Rod Serling once said "There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. This is the dimension of imagination
Euphoria by Lily King Participating in a love triangle during an anthropological study isn't exactly the best way to remain
If you watch The Martian - which is as much a depiction of reality as science fiction - you get a hint what must happen to
Hollywood is being taken over by Asians. That is the new paranoia. An iconic industry, the cultural core of American "soft power" global influence, is becoming Chinese... Except it's not.
Pineapple Inside Out Cake dotted with Bryan Cranberries, Jennifer Jason Jujubees and Brooklyndor Truffles served a la mode
The Oscars are finally this weekend! Everyone has been predicting who will win, but also talking about the lack of diversity nominated with the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag trending.
The resultant BBC Radio 4 program And The Academy Award Goes To... featuring The French Connection was recently aired and it brought it all back for former NYPD detective Grosso, who went onto a sterling career as a television and movie producer.
The atmosphere of Mars is only about 1/200th the density of Earth's. It does get 150km/h windstorms, but the inertia from the thin atmosphere is so small it would feel like a gentle breeze. So there's just no way a storm could do that kind of damage.
Since Oscar is the premiere entertainment award, it is useful to look at how being nominated and winning contributes to the success of all those involved in making and distributing the movies being awarded.
For the early Christians, their faith wasn't about a list of intellectual points they all agreed on. Their faith was in the promise that through Jesus, God was recreating the world. Their faith meant a choice, every day, to live as if that promise made sense, as if the real power in the world was seen in compassion rather than in violence.
Okay, so the movie industry has found yet another way to increase revenue. What's so bad about that?
From its very first days, space exploration has been a highly visible, but strictly confidential, endeavor funded by various government agencies. Fifty-eight years after NASA was founded, space exploration still has the power to captivate and inspire.
In a sense, you could say that we once had a relationship. "Excuse me, Mrs. Helmsley," I said politely. "Your label is showing
Within the four walls of a cinema, films transport moviegoers to far off places, both past and present, real or imagined. To take it a step further, use this year's Academy Awards' nominees for Best Picture as a travel guide, experiencing the locations -- characters in their own right -- firsthand.