The Masters

Matsuyama won the Masters golf tournament to become the first Japanese man to triumph in a major championship.
“It was dead straight,” the pro golfer said. “But I think he was OK. He didn’t limp away. He walked away pretty swiftly, so that was all right.”
Pro golfer Jon Rahm skipped a ball across a pond, onto the green, and into the hole during a Masters practice round.
.The former tournament champ competed in Houston last week.
The golf star was asked to give one lesson to his younger self.
The new date for the major sporting event is just before Thanksgiving.
Hours after President Donald Trump awarded Tiger Woods with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Jimmy Kimmel took to his show to joke about the ceremony.
After winning his 15th major championship, the legendary golfer got a chance to laugh at all who doubted him.
Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and many celebrities congratulated the golf great on his comeback.
Woods won his 15th major title on Sunday at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia.