the media

New research shows stories featuring mental illness are disproportionately in the context of violent behaviour. We explore how distorted reporting on people with a mental health problem can be so harmful and how the media can help tackle the problem.
Today the president's poll numbers are down. Thirty years from now the word "Obamacare" will be right up there with the other things we take for granted as the bedrock of our civil society.
By any standard, the failure of the America media in 2002-03 was the worst collapse by any press corps anywhere since the 1930s. In a profession where the highest value is on truth telling, false information was presented as fact on front pages night after night.
There's plenty of blame to go around, but simply finding fault doesn't accomplish anything. We need practical solutions.
The word is in and the people have spoken. Campaign coverage has been abysmal.
The news has become noise, massive chatter that's transmitted at lightning speed. Here are a few tips to tune out the drone and listen to only what's essential.
We must look at the two sides of this effort -- the powerful role the media played to spread the news and get a defendant to even stand trial. But at the same time what evidence was being discovered and described and shown in infinite detail by this same media process?
The cable news media has gone from simply cracking gaming and sports metaphors to actually becoming a game, with politicians as the contestants and a rotating guest panel of snickering propagandists and "analysts" as the judges.
The worst non-crime crime committed by Anthony Weiner is that he's successfully fed a dangerous Mobius Loop involving the news media and those of us who consume its mostly nonsensical content.