The Miami Herald

A new report details how the deceased money manager controlled the minors he is accused of trafficking for sex.
The evangelical leader came under fire as photos undercut his denials.
In light of Epstein's apparent suicide, his accusers say they want the financier's alleged accomplices to be held accountable for his crimes.
Officials say Jocelyn Morffi's dismissal was "difficult" but "necessary."
"What I am detained for?” the comedian repeats in cellphone footage of the arrest.
Environmentalists say the land's development would harm 20 endangered plants and animals.
"It's been a big shock," his sister says. "He was such a kind person."
As Hurricane Irma forces millions to evacuate, Mayor Tomás Regalado says: “If this isn’t climate change, I don’t know what is.”
By contrast, at least 18 black men have been executed for killing white victims in the last four decades.