The Middle

"The writers have treated this story line just as they would have between a male and female romance, and that's important."
When Eden found that she had in fact been cast as the voice of Star Butterfly, she began bouncing off the walls with glee. Which proved to be a bit of a problem once Eden got in the recording booth.
I really love this guy Atticus Shaffer who is able to play younger characters in TV and film. I want to squeeze him but then I remember he's 16 years old and past the squeezing stages! Hmm, how about a hug instead?
There's a way that things used to work in the television animation universe. First a new show would go on the air. Then viewers would sample a few episodes and decide if they actually liked a program. If that were the case, then the fan base for this new animated series would slowly build over time.
When Sue and Brick were left home alone, they were horrified when the Glossner children showed up. This family has been established
It's not every day that celebrities from all walks of life, both big and small, put their entourages, egos, and football
Fox's new dramas and new comedies ABC has renewed "The Middle" for a fifth season. "The Middle" airs Wednesday nights at
Jim Beaver has been all over our TV screens lately, and we're loving it. Following his surprise return to "Supernatural" this
In other casting news ... "Happy Days" veteran to visit "The Middle." Marion Ross will guest star as the vice principal of
Ato Essandoh is heading back to "Elementary." The "Copper" actor is heading back to the hit CBS drama as Alfredo Llamosa
While "Last Resort" has seen decent ratings this fall, "666 Park Avenue" hasn't fared quite as well, with ratings slipping
ABC's "Private Practice" is officially ending after Season 6, showrunner Shonda Rhimes announced via Twitter on Friday. Rhimes
We've showed you how to dress up like your favorite TV characters and now it's time to check out what they'll be going as
I'm not one who worships at the altar of Tim Burton, probably disliking his films as often as I am moved by them. But I fell hard for Frankenweenie, an extrapolation of a short film Burton made almost 30 years ago.
"The Middle" continues on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The most normal family on television returned with the one-hour
Beliebers are in for a treat: Justin Bieber is headed to "The X Factor." Bieber expressed his excitement about being a celebrity
Chris Diamantopoulos heads to "The Goodwin Games." The real-life husband of one of the show's stars, Becki Newton, will play
Actress Patricia Heaton spoke with Jimmy Kimmel last night about feeling like "the actress version of Seabiscuit" when she
We at Huffington Post TV are taking it personally that a renewal for "Happy Endings" has not yet been announced, but before
Dick Lugar was a nice guy who stayed too long. But his crushing loss is also a valid data point in a profound and troubling trend, obvious not only in politics but in every other aspect of American life. We are losing the mediating middle of everything.