The Music Man

The "X-Men" actor nabbed a Tony Award nomination for his performances in the musical, which debuted in February after COVID-19 delays.
The actor was on-stage with the cast from his Broadway show "The Music Man" on Sunday.
"I’ve loved him since we first said hello," Tony winner Warren Carlyle said of the "X-Men" star, with whom he's worked for nearly 25 years.
Cook earned plenty of accolades throughout her career, including the Kennedy Center Honors in 2011.
Pearson is in trouble and needs to rebuild U.S. Learning Services because it is not a high-performing organization. Remaining employees are ordered to "focus on our markets, our learners, and the ecosystem we belong to," but never, at least not according to this memo, on the quality of Pearson education products...
Right now I envy anyone who lives in Denver or has the chance to be at that city's Center for the Performing Arts anytime between Sept. 12 and Oct. 26, when Meredith Wilson's The Unsinkable Molly Brown debuts in a contemporary reimagining written by Dick Scanlan.
Okay, so here's a really painless way to understand what Governor Romney is up to. Just get your hands on a DVD of The Music Man and settle back for an entertaining lesson in flimflamming the rubes.