the n word

#IWasFirstCalled is shining a light on the reality of racism in America.
I've always wanted a house with a pool. But I live in New York City where homes don't tend to have private pools unless you earn your living say, stripping the Russian state of its natural gas supplies. Since I don't have that kind of job, I remain pool-less.
The newly sworn-in police chief has since apologized.
A situation like this calls for a real apology, but these young men have failed to deliver it. Instead of acknowledging their own racism, they denied it or sidestepped it. Instead of reckoning honestly with the harm they have done to others, they framed their family and friends as the real victims.
This season, the National Football League is attempting the impossible, a reasoned but dubious mission that has already tripped
We took the question to Facebook and Twitter and here's what you had to say: But, Maxwell adds that the verdict doesn't mean
Deon Cole, star of "Deon Cole's Black Box" and "Conan," can barely wrap his head around CNN's debate over the N-word. For
We give so much power to the word. The response is almost beginning to start to feel disingenuous. I'm starting to feel like we get upset because we are told we should be, feel like we're supposed to, or something somewhere in between.
Gwyneth Paltrow caused a stir last weekend when tweeting a photo of The-Dream in France with the caption "Ni**as in paris
So you object to the double standard that African-Americans can use the n-word, but whites can't. Dr. Laura, get over it.
An 11-year-old boy named Jonathan McCoy is taking his cause across the country. He is campaigning to have the N-word (you
If there is a black person living in America who has not uttered the word, they should stand tall and receive the NAACP Image Award.
As a white man in a black family, I can say with some authority, the word "n****r" has a lot of different meanings, and context is crucial to understanding why it persists in our language.
Thanks to the First Amendment, there's not a single word in the English language that I should be afraid to say. But I am -- and the more afraid we are to use a word the more control that word has.