the national enquirer

Pecker reportedly agreed to provide information related to payments made to Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels.
In a report last month, the tabloid alleged Sheen had raped the younger actor in the 1980s when Haim was 13.
Former employees say Dylan Howard forced women to watch pornographic material and encouraged them to have sex with sources.
The MSNBC hosts say the White House threatened to push through a tabloid attack article. The president suggests he knew about the story ahead of time.
All the essential elements of Nunes's story appeared in the tabloid only days earlier.
A tabloid actually published nude photos of the attorney.
As Americans rinse off the stench of the long sad Edwards affair, we find ourselves wondering yet again: how did this happen?
Here is the big lesson for all Americans: In the poker game of politics, we should think of cheating as a tell, a political poker tell, that gives us a good indication as to the character of a player.