The New Republic

The magazine had been slated to co-host the presidential climate summit with media site Gizmodo in September.
The New Republic seeks an editor to "rais[e] hell" about inequality — in a 29.5 hour "part-time," non-union, no-benefits position.
Butina said if she was really an agent, "I would be the most unseen person on Earth."
The EPA administrator has become the de facto spokesperson for a fringe version of Christian environmentalism.
The writer, who's been hailed a hero, described how the spreadsheet took on a life of its own, transforming the media industry and her own life.
The magazine says it will continue its investigation into Hamilton Fish's conduct toward female staffers.
Hamilton Fish had allegedly choked a top female staffer at The Nation Institute.
The magazine's literary editor, Leon Wieseltier, is accused of harassment and inappropriate behavior.
But the idea that Trump himself stands as some sort of cultural phenomenon and that Americans flock to their TVs every time
2014-02-03-BothSidesNowLogoPlaincolhirescopy1.jpgCiting cultural/demographic/political trends, Green asks Shrum & Matalin if the likely 6th popular vote Dem win in last 7 presidentials will constitute a modest political realignment, less than '32 & the White South in '60s but on par with Reagan '80. Bob: perhaps. Mary: no. Host: it's coming, according his new generation memoir,
The liberal activist and publisher has bought the magazine, which has undergone dramatic changes in recent years.
As a creative director and a creator of native advertising and also a consumer of media, the guidelines sounded fair. Publishers
Reporter David French said National Review "is the last publication to foster white identity politics."
Chris Hughes took a crazy existential risk with The New Republic, and, predictably, it didn’t pan out.