The New York Review of Books

Buruma's exit follows the Review's publication of an essay by a disgraced former Canadian radio personality.
Many women on Twitter were aghast over the issue's theme and Ghomeshi's inclusion.
The 50 Year Argument, a literary documentary on The New York Review of Books directed by Martin Scorsese, available through HBO, is not necessarily the tour de force that only pats the intellectual echelon on its cashmere-and-tweed-backs, which some may expect.
A retrospective on The New York Review of Books, the film seems to come with an obvious challenge: How do you make highfalutin
The Telluride Film Festival offers a great span of cinema, from premiering Oscar contenders to silent-era black-and-white gems to small budget independents that will never play widely but may earn an enduring cult audience.
"Don't more men than women submit? This is what I hear from editors." I've read this opinion-written-as-fact too often, usually presented with a figurative airy wave.
Why this should be happening now, in precisely this way, is not immediately obvious. For years Chinese leaders seized every
Given that some of Wallace's books are long (the longest is 1,079 pages), and some of his stories are long (the longest is
It's great to see a venerable institution such as the New York Review of Books getting excited by all that the new media have to offer. That's why I want to call your attention to the NYR's new blog.
The Secret Sentry: The Untold History of the National Security Agency by Matthew M. Aid. Bloomsbury, 423 pp., $30.00 On a
For those who want to read Blood's a Rover on its own, there is a quick summary of the basic plotlines of the previous two