The Oregonian

Agents relied on Oregon's "red flag" law to take proactive measures to head off potential violence, The Oregonian reports.
In a statement, Micah Fletcher also told the city's Muslim community they "are loved."
Two men are dead and one severely injured after coming to the aid of 2 young girls police say were being harassed by an alleged white supremacist.
His ex-wife/best friend supposedly told him the white lie just before he took his last breath.
A K9 is credited with leading the officers to the 2-year-old boy.
Once again, The Oregonian gets it completely wrong. # # # No organized group, not one, spoke out for the Japanese Americans
The story of Oregonian editor Bob Caldwell's shocking death took another twist on Thursday, after one of his colleagues was
Last month it settled with Michigan-based debt collection company Asset Acceptance for $2.5 million on charges of misconduct
The latest notices are part of a saga that stretches back nearly a decade. Galanida was mistakenly threatened with foreclosure