the other guys

If you don't pay her for these words, she's taking them.
Here's why I'd almost be willing to give The Campaign a pass on the fact that it's sloppy, inconsistent and only intermittently funny.
While Hill, writer Michael Bacall and directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller want to spoof cop procedurals, they also want to make an actual cop-action film. That blend of comedy and action is a tough one, almost as tough as romantic comedy.
Having already tried their hands at the genre, Mark Wahlberg ("The Other Guys") and Jonah Hill (yet to be released "21 Jump
You will find no independent films here, no brilliant art house dramas, no documentaries. I'm dismissing all "small" movies that deliver a "big" message.
A relatively small percentage of Americans eat a la the Europeans. Yet almost all the movies I've lately been watching show American characters eating the "continental" way. The question is why?
Who doesn't enjoy an old-fashioned double feature at the drive-in? Just be sure you're going to see "Vampires Suck" and "The
A.O. Scott, in his review of this film, leaves the reader with the impression that Middle Men is a soft-porno flick, akin to Boogie Nights. It's not.
The most interesting category of television for amplifying worker voices is actually reality TV, where there is a hefty list of worker-worthy shows.
The credit sequence is the work of Picture Mill. I found the animated sequence to be a pretty hilarious addition to the movie
Captain Kosher's parting shots last week set off dynamite in Rachel, aka Boobiac, which detonated in Kristen's face the moment Boobiac won HOH a second time, thus demonstrating that she is the Empress Caligulotta.
The talk of the town
Actress Eva Mendes wore two different ensembles on Monday night. To the New York premiere of "The Other Guys," she donned
The buddy cop comedy "The Other Guys" had its New York premiere Monday night, and star Eva Mendes, Will Ferrell and Mark
On top of that, Mark Wahlberg is absolutely killing it in these scenes. Ferrell obviously is too, but he's Will Ferrell and
It's about time. After seeing the animated poster released a few weeks ago for the new Adam McKay ("Stepbrothers," "Anchorman
The Yankees captain and five-time world champion is playing a fictionalized version of himself in the upcoming Will Ferrell