the outs

"It feels simultaneously like a completely new project but also like a natural evolution from the first season..."
Love "Whatever this is." but missed the previous episodes? Be sure to check out the third installment, where the series tackles
“I love seeing an out gay character who hasn’t figured it all out," Marron said at the time. "He isn’t necessarily the sassiest
If one more over-processed middle aged lady shouts, "I love my gays," as if we are human accessories, I am going to lose it. It is important to have our stories told, and to not discourage those in media to bother trying, but we should stand with critics in asking for a fresh angle.
The first episode of "Whatever this is." premiered before a sold-out crowd at Brooklyn's Knitting Factory on July 30. "Whatever
Whatever this is. focuses on the lives of two film production assistants, Ari (Dylan Marron) and Sam (Hunter Canning), as they work themselves to the bone to try to establish a career for themselves in their chosen industry. Many of The Outs' cast return for Goldman's latest baby.
Still, New York City-based writer-director-actor Adam Goldman -- who previously described the series as "a story about big
(WARNING: Some footage might not be suitable for work) "Everything gets very quiet and takes on an eerie quality, and you
"I wanted a character-driven comedy with heart about gay men," Goldman told HuffPost Gay Voices in May. "I love Mitch and