The Overton Window

Senator Bernie Sanders unveiled his single-payer “Medicare For All” plan today, and so far he’s already got 15 Democratic
If Hillary's incrementalism is too cautious for you, so be it. I will not lecture you on realism in American politics today and I'd urge other aging pundits to follow my example. But, for the record, cautious politics is not equal to Wall Street shill.
The sooner politicians embrace the reality of a center-left America, the sooner they'll actually stand up for progressive legislation, rather than running like half-baked Republican knockoffs. Voters want strong leadership more than they want conservative policies.
Glenn Beck and Stephen King have both written bestselling books, but the similarities stop there. The two have publicly declared
2010-07-08-Picture12.jpg A correspondence has been found from an angry Glenn Beck to his hired hack. Apparently Beck thought he was buying a new novel to put his name all over.
4. On Fact and Faction: A Note from the Author "While nonfiction books aim to enlighten, the goal of most thrillers is to
I'm in genuine awe of Beck's ability to get self-righteous about paying someone else to do his work, so he can put his own name on it and foist it on rubes. But I never said Beck stole anything. I said his ghostwriter stole from him.
As Justin Cronin clearly knows, if you're a writer seeking to slough off highbrow pretensions -- to reject your early efforts
Why -- except for the completely inverted politics -- does The Overton Window read so much like Circumference of Darkness, a pretty feeble self-published 2005 techno-thriller?
The Overton Window is Glenn Beck's very own fantasy land. He's dreamed up a world in which all the conspiracies and apocalyptic rhetoric that clutter his chalkboards every night are proven to be entirely true.
Glenn Beck has a new book coming out, "The Overton Window." Naturally, it's a political thriller touching on the many fears
In a quirk of convenience, [the opening] line also describes the best way to deconstruct The Overton Window, a copy of which
It appears as though Glenn Beck is making the leap from bestselling author of paranoid political opinion to bestselling author
It's no shock that right wing pundit Glenn Beck would eventually try his hand at writing fiction -- there's certainly a precedent
WATCH: The content of said trailer ups the ante with each over-the-top line. Upon hearing that Beck had written a thriller