The Pacific

The USS Indianapolis was discovered on an expedition led by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.
"My goal as a composer is to move you; to help you get to where the picture is taking you. If I have to slap you, I'll do that. If I need to hold your hand, I'll do that too."
Robert Kaplan: The better comparison is not with the Kaiser's Germany or World War I, but with American policy in the 19th
The difficulty of compiling a Top 10 Best TV Shows of the Year list points to the fact that people who complain there is nothing worth watching on television don't know what they are talking about.
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While I haven't met Snooki, I do know a real housewife of New Jersey, 43-year old Medford Lakes mother of two, Margo Pellegrino. She's currently paddling an outrigger canoe down the Pacific Coast from Seattle to San Diego.
Bryan Cranston was "humbled" to win his third Emmy for Best Actor in a Drama Series. Winners, please stop using that cliche. The only thing less humbling than winning an award is winning the same award three times.
It's time for the increasingly hazardous annual ritual of predicting the shows and performers that will win, while also indulging in one last opportunity to state who or what should win.
Freshman shows on the broadcast networks ruled as the Television Critics Association (TCA), a media organization comprised
Like most baby boomers, I have been glued every Sunday night to HBO's The Pacific, the ten-part mini series that chronicles the Pacific Theater operations.
One thing has always stuck in my mind about 'the Greatest Generation' -- and I do believe they were exceptional -- where are all the women at?
Simply put, "The Pacific" is one of the finest dramatic productions in the history of television. It may in fact be the best miniseries of all time.
To put myself in the proper mindset to enter The Pacific, I've come up with a playlist of great songs that speak powerfully to war and peace from a variety of perspectives and eras.
The Obamas are hosting several Hollywood stars Thursday night for a movie night in the White House theater for a screening
My decision to leave the corporate world and work at home has provided many rewards -- but none of them compare with the experience I had yesterday.
Tom Hanks graces the cover of Time magazine in advance of his HBO miniseries "The Pacific." He is only the third actor to
While I'm getting all pie-in-the-sky here, why not take it a step farther? In either case, it struck me: Tom Hanks doesn't