The Philadelphia Inquirer

The newspaper’s editorial board said it took “no pleasure” in the move.
Editorial boards across the country published blistering columns calling for the president's immediate departure following the Capitol riot.
Civil unrest ensued after two officers fired over a dozen shots Monday at 27-year-old Walter Wallace in front of his mother for having a mental health crisis.
One officer was hospitalized with a broken leg after she was struck by a pickup truck during the unrest, authorities said.
The Republican plans to announce his decision on Monday to not seek his Senate seat in 2022, according to The Associated Press and The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Former Vice President Joe Biden backed ending the Hyde Amendment, and the ACLU is calling on him to keep that commitment.
The headline, a riff on Black Lives Matter, suggested an equivalence between the destruction of buildings and the deaths of Black people.
More than 30 employees of color have called out sick to send management a message about racism.
"The headline offensively riffed on the Black Lives Matter movement," the newspaper's editors acknowledged in an apology.
The justices will review a ruling that upheld the city’s decision to stop placing children with a Catholic agency.