The Plague

Since this is all an exercise in learning what we can from looking backward, naturally the list includes Edward Bellamy's
Should you act like the elders of Camus's Oran and ignore the presence of plague in our midst? What can you do to combat
Truly great thinkers introduce a human dimension into what is generally thought to be a political condition. Once you introduce
A hands-on doctor tries to get public officials to recognize infestations as bubonic and pneumonic plagues. Can a novel's depictions inform discussions about Ebola?
That headline, of course, quotes the cover to the fictional Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy: "Don't Panic." This week, it seems like timely advice, as the news media and American politicians go into full-blown panic mode over one death and two illnesses within the United States.
“If the plague gets into prisons there could be a sort of atomic explosion of plague within the town. The prison walls will
Human history is filled with tragic blunders that fail to put their finger on the problem, and actually compose a "solution" that has no value. This is where we are today, relying on prisons as solutions to reducing the epidemics of violence.
Just last weekend, the city's health department revealed that three people were diagnosed with cholera, a disease they caught
Bellow's recently published Letters give us a generous sampling of the literary judgments of a great writer, with private assessments of his own work -- as well as that of others.
On January 4, 1960 --- exactly fifty years ago --- Albert Camus had a train ticket to Paris in his pocket.