The Postal Service

The agency hopes to get Congress' help in trimming pensions and paid leave, as well as slashing delivery service.
The Postal Service took the rare step of suspending mail delivery in many places.
Larry Kudlow dodges when asked about the president’s attacks on the retail giant.
The idea would provide a low-cost alternative to payday loans -- and it might just save the Postal Service, too.
I am thinking it's a sign That the freckles in our eyes Are mirror images and when we kiss They're perfectly aligned I've
Photos by Justin Barbin unless otherwise noted. Indeed, Gibbard, Jimmy Tamberello and Jenny Lewis appear to be hanging it
The Postal Service is headed to the laundromat in their latest video, a gravity-defying clip set to "A Tattered Line of String
Jenny Lewis, lead singer of band Rilo Kiley, lived in the same apartment complex as Tamborello at the time, added vocals
Gibbard continued to deny that a reunion would ever take place right up until news broke that they were, in fact, hitting
The Postal Service Auditions from Ben Gibbard A Sup Pop executive played by Jon Daly helps Tamborello hold open auditions
The Postal Service introduced a limited retail line in the 1980s that included items such as T-shirts, mugs and neckties
Blizzard [bliz-erd], noun: A weekend-ruining weather system currently battering the northeastern United States and wreaking
[via Pitchfork] The Postal Service's forthcoming reissue of "Give Up," the band's only album, will include two new tracks
The band's website was changed on Jan. 21 to read simply "The Postal Service 2013." Billboard reports that The Postal Service's
That Gibbard was telling reporters just last week that there are no plans for a new Postal Service album is perhaps a testament
How did the Aimee Mann collaboration come together for this album, speaking of scenes cross-pollinating? Sure. And people
This week our playlist includes music by Elliott Smith, Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, Portugal. The Man, Voxtrot, Joy Division and more.