The Power of Now

Hint: It’s also about head space.
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It needs us. Energize the sorrow at the power of bullies and anger at injustices everywhere to fight for justice and silence
In my book, If I Knew Then What I Know Now, ( in the very last page in the "Parting Words" chapter
In this video, Eckhart Tolle explains that when we relate to others from the level of form, our ego goes into comparison mode by evaluating our physical appearance, wealth, education, knowledge, and power, in relation to the other person.
Crisis situations — personal or collective — offer us the possibility of opening to a new way of being in the world. We can
Be silent, look around and listen, become aware of your breathing. Be here now. There is nothing more important than the
Every now and then I have experiences, some good, others bad, where I cling to the moment -- afraid to let them pass. I want to wring everything I can, good or bad, like squeezing a wet dish towel and not leaving a drop for later.
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Nature Nourishes The Soul Posted by Lindsay Holmes Eckhart explains how we can be the alert awareness behind our sense perceptions
At the recent Salesforce conference in San Francisco, Arianna Huffington, co-founder and editor-in-chief of the Pulitzer