The Practice

The medically denounced practice remains a contentious topic across the globe.
"Give me back Sheldon," referring to "TBBT's" socially awkward physicist Sheldon Cooper became popular on Chinese social
Well, I did not see this one coming at all. David E. Kelly has inked a deal with Warner Bros. Television to create a new Wonder Woman television show. This is a fascinating move for the one-time king of television.
While most conversations about race inspire deep ambivalence if not outright silence, Mamet converts the stage into a raucous racial seminar jacked up on truth serum.
"Why separate us?" Dermot McDermott said. "You need someone laid back for a romantic comedy? Dermot McDermott at your services."
Many series just haven't been themselves since the strike, but Legal has rocked, with episodes so emotionally rich and resonant that they would seem to ensure Emmy nominations galore.