Danielle R. Perez is now perhaps best known as "The Price Is Right" contestant using a wheelchair who won a treadmill earlier
UPDATE: CBS told the The Huffington Post in a statement, “Every member of ‘The Price Is Right’ studio audience has a chance
Forget the bidding. On Friday, "The Price Is Right" was all about holy matrimony. In possibly one of the most epic mass weddings
Like many children of the '80s, I grew up watching the show and Barker's closing message made an impression on me because, like most kids, I loved animals. But it was something else that Bob Barker did that had a profound impact on me.
The Price Is Right -- but walking on a treadmill backwards… is just wrong. And apparently dangerous.
And that's how it's done, people. Monday's "The Price Is Right" ended in stunning fashion as the last contestant of the day
A young Jon Hamm appeared on The Big Date back in 1996; a stark reminder that today’s biggest stars came from the humblest of beginnings.
Hollis has had a tough time. It probably doesn't help that he wears that Astros hat and that's such a sad team to root for
What's hidden underneath that floor mat, Drew? It's the trip of a lifetime. In an unexpectedly amusing bonus, celebrity guest
Among other prizes, Heil won a black Audi R8 Spyder Quattro which Today.com values at $157,300 with all of its added luxury