EARLIER: The Crown Princess of Genovia may be back again. UPDATE: A source close to Disney confirmed to The Huffington Post
**Special note: We are talking about the movie version of Genovia, not the book. Because, well, they are apparently and perhaps
The movie: "The Princess Bride" The book: "The Princess Bride" by William Goodman Why the movie's better: Because without
"Dark Knight" fans: this may just be the greatest thing you will see all day. Using a mashup of clips from "10 Things I Hate
WATCH: When asked for their opinion on the matter, however, two American romance novelists disagreed completely with the
In no time at all Jamie has entered a training program where he is assigned to a middle-aged mentor named Bruce Winston (Oliver
Jane Austen died an unmarried virgin at the age of 41 -- was she really qualified to give sex tips to the modern girl?