the pulse

Trump's call to ban Muslims from entering the US is another great tool in the ISIS campaign to radicalize the millions of Muslims in the US. If enacted, such a policy would be much more likely to create more radical Muslims in the US than it prevents from entering the US.
There are statements that may appear foolish and wrong-headed when initially uttered, yet which--after the passage of time--we recognize as containing previously unseen wisdom. This ain't one of them.
Given how much coverage of the Pulse story has centered on what the candidates did and didn't say afterwards, clearly stories about domestic Presidential politics have taken precedence over stories related to the event itself (apart from stories of people dealing with personal tragedies, which have fortunately not been used to fuel partisan arguments - yet).
Hate and bigotry can dominate, perhaps even rule for a time, but they never win out because God is ultimately in charge, prodding along our humanity as we reluctantly advance. If you are waiting for "signs" of redemption, for God to write a message across the sky in white fluffy clouds, then you are part of the problem.
May blessings be with everyone and don't forget -- you're not alone and, come the end of the day, it's love that will help heal us, not hate.
We can no longer let our parents, co-workers, friends, and school children be stolen by violence. We cannot let another life be claimed.
You see, gay clubs -- they're our family reunion. Where we found the brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts and even the parents who were missing in the past lives we have lead, the new family who saw us for what we were as soon as we accepted their embrace.
What happened in Orlando is more about the accessibility of guns and their devastating power than about Islam or Muslims.
The pattern of many GOP politicians muting the identity of the victims is in sharp contrast to their dogged attacks on anyone, particularly President Obama, for not mentioning the "Islamic" identity of the perpetrator.
As horrific as the shooting at The Pulse in Orlando was, and it was absolutely horrific, some of the comments being made by religious leaders in its aftermath are even more frightening.