the purpose driven life

Ten years ago, Smith was held hostage by an armed killer. Now, she tells his mother "a hug is in order."
It's time to change the way we work.I don't mean a revolutionary time management system, or a productivity breakthrough. I'm talking about integrating purpose into the workplace.
Christians need to be focused on living their life the way God commanded his followers to so that they may be a part of his Kingdom of Heaven for eternity.
Pastor Rick Warren, author of the New York Times bestseller The Purpose Driven Life, believes that everyone lives at three
In 2005, a man named Brian Nichols -- on trial for rape -- escaped an Atlanta courthouse and, after murdering four people
According to Pastor Rick Warren -- bestselling author of The Purpose Driven Life -- everybody lives at one of three levels
By the end of the program, tears had been shed, "hallelujahs" were cried out and souls were opened up to the possibility of living for something more in this life.
SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE), the largest marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design, today announced that
It appears we contemporary Americans may have switched the interpretation of "pursuit of happiness" to "pursuit of pleasure."
Barack Obama traded in quite a lot of brand equity as a fair-minded progressive in exchange for a piece of Warren's market share, with its vast army of followers.