the queen of versailles

UPDATE: Victoria's mother confirmed her daughter's death in a Facebook post on Sunday: WINDERMERE, Fla. (AP) — Authorities
It wasn't until late into my first semester at UC Berkeley that I found the thing that would simultaneously scare me shitless, and define my entire college career -- Cloyne Court Hotel.
Jackie Siegel, wife of timeshare mogul David Siegel and subject of the hit documentary "The Queen of Versailles joins Abby to discuss going on a few dates with Donald Trump.
How could she be dead for three years and no one notice? This film attempts to answer the puzzle through imagined recreations and interviews from those who knew her.
Earlier this year, OpenTab Productions presented the West Coast premiere of Enron 2012. Using some superb puppets designed by Miyaka Cochrane, the production was directed by Ben Euphrat with a fury appropriate to the greedy tale of what happened to "the smartest guys in the room."
The film chronicles the following two years as Jackie and David struggle through their downfall with equal part denial and
Professors Kevin Anderson and Salman Hameed discuss and debate all the 'hype' behind Lauren Greenfield's latest documentary
The poor and the middle class don't have a problem with the American Dream, and they don't hate the rich. They'd like to be rich some day, and with hard work and a couple of breaks, they still believe they can get there.
Soon the 2012 Olympics will end, and the games of life as we know it will continue. Here are five things I love right now that may help fill up all of our lives in between the Closing Ceremonies and the raging amusement parks of the Conventions.
The film quickly moves on from Siegel's election-related statements, but multiple photos of Siegel and Bush are shown throughout
Schadenfreude is a tempting thing. That's particularly true when dealing with characters like the ones at the center of Lauren Greenfield's stunning documentary, The Queen of Versailles.
The 76-year-old billionaire and his 46-year-old wife had to stop construction on the home three years ago when the market
Versailles originally started off as a documentary following a wealthy Florida couple, David and Jackie Siegel, who were building the biggest home in America. But as filmmaker Lauren Greenfield chronicled their opulent lifestyle, the recession hit.
The Los Angeles Film Festival kicks off this week downtown with an eclectic slate of alternative stimulation. Run by Film Independent, the LAFF has a more chill, familial air than Sundance, and unlike Sundance, you can usually get tickets.