The Real Housewives of Orange County

Somehow, Tamra and Vicki always seemed to find their way back to being close friends and partying together despite swearing they would never speak again.
As crazy as this sounds, watching BRAVO shows like The Real Housewives of ... got me through many long and restless nights during my battle against stage III colon cancer. Too, too many times I couldn't eat or drink, but oh, how I did love watching my favorite shows on Bravo.
But they're certainly not the first to say "I do" on Bravo's airwaves. It seems like almost all the major players in the
Some shocking allegations floored everyone at "The Real Housewives of Orange County" reunion during the third and final special
Alexis hugs a sobbing Vicki and the rest of the cast, one by one, in their luminously tacky evening gowns, all surround her and offer their condolences. No matter how facile a friendship, no matter how shallow a bond, when a woman sees another woman broken down because of a man there is a Darwinian instinct to hug.
The Stir's Julie Ryan Evans thought those tears were as fake as everything else Gretchen's accusers were slinging her way
A viewer question for Tamra: "What does it sound like when a Mexican stripper bounces his junk off your ear?" Tamra explains that she couldn't hear it because she was screaming so loud. We are off to a classy start.
Of course, this was all old news, leading Vicki to postulate a new theory as to why Lauri returned. "We’re all ‘famous,’ so