the revenant

The authors add that when DiCaprio spoke, the total number of Tweets that contained the phrases "climate change" or "global
And what's next for Arthur Redcloud? "Whatever the Creator wants. You can't plan," he says humbly. " When you plan, you get
You must feel sorry for the Egyptian reporter on International Women's Day whose questions to Leonardo DiCaprio about his first Oscar earned her international infamy for a shoddy job of journalism.
Sometimes a flipbook is better than the real thing.
Back in the days of The Revenant people had to eat the raw insides of dead animals to survive. There were no vegans back
In all its dropping-your-kid-off-on-the-first-day-of-school glory.
This year, my senior year of college at Wesleyan University, has been filled with many bittersweet moments. As my time here, and my undergraduate education as a whole, comes to a close, I can't help but measure my time in movies.