The Revolution

By Adrienne Carmack In an era of polarized politics, heightened activism, and the rise of the “resistance,” the conversation
It’s in our communities that we can resist hate and stand up for each other.
Summer is almost here, which means you may find yourself attending barbecues with all kinds of tempting treats. Harley Pasternak
Kym Hampton was not only a gifted athlete; she has a phenomenal voice and has always wanted to sing. Her love for singing came at an early age but was shy about singing before others which caused her to push that particular gift to the back burner.
Lucci is a genuine ABC Daytime icon and one of the most popular women working in television. A guest stint by her on GH could be one of the biggest daytime events of the year.
ABC canceled both "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" in 2011, with "AMC" ending in September 2011 and "OLTL" wrapping
While celebrities have anti-aging tricks up their sleeves in the form of personal trainers, nutritionists and facialists
I began watching GH in 1978, shortly after fearless executive producer Gloria Monty had been brought on board to save the show from seemingly certain cancellation. Thirty-five years later GH is once again on life support -- and, once again, it may very well be terminated in a few months.
Age is just a number, but which number do you think you'll live to see? The audience and co-hosts of "The Revolution" took
Andie MacDowell showed off her runway stride on "The Revolution" when she teamed up with Tim Gunn for a trenchcoat fashion