the ring

Cover Photo: Baritone Gerald Finley in the Metropolitan Opera's 'Guillaume Tell' photo: courtesy of the Metropolitan Opera
But, thanks to the Internet, now you can rest easy knowing the girl who played Samara, actress Daveigh Chase, has grown up
Above is the work of Pop Art darling Roy Lichtenstein, who in 1962 created the comic book homage that is "The Ring (Engagement
Some men are luckier in life than in love. Whether they become top athletes, matinee idols, or wartime heroes, their trust in the goodness of people makes them loyal to a fault.
It's official, every single classic horror movie scene could have been better if Batman were there. Not because he would
Sure, you might be saying to yourself, "This is just a couple of scenes from 'The Ring' with a 'Seinfeld' laugh track added
Parenting really can be the scariest thing. Luckily, the daycare teacher in this CollegeHumor video loves the hell out of
Perhaps my favorite aspect of Mama (aside from the fact that it made me very, very afraid) is that it paints a refreshingly complicated and ultimately poignant portrait of female relationships.
We are dependent on the voice of the people as a whole for the outcome, and this voice speaks for a spirit that guides our collective destiny.
If you've ever seen a horror movie (or babysat) you are well aware that nothing amps up the scary like a terrorizing tyke
Now at the Abron's Art Center the exhibition "From Ultra Madre" will revisit the 18 month process leading up to the one hour
My own personal exploration into the movies that petrify me most inspired me to compile a fresh list of skin-crawling entries that in my view do full justice to the spirit of Halloween.
Come with me, kiddies, down to my dungeon of cinematic despair. There's something here for every palate.
Halloween's a-comin': Time to bar the door, darken the lights, wring out the cat and scare the holy crap out of you and your
The final Ring Festival LA symposium and performance concluded on Sunday. The Opera's performances were as beautiful and exciting as we had hoped during all the years of their preparation.
"Singing is physical elasticity, nothing else," wrote the German vocal teacher Franzisca Martienssen-Lohmann in 1923. Her
Matthew Barney's five-part film epic The Cremaster Cycle traces the creative process (in non-chronological order), with each film standing as a complete realized work in itself.
I'm sure that most parents with small children, and babies in particular, think that their kids are possessed by demons at least once.