the river

As the song ended and the lights slowly began to shift colors, each member of the band, including Springsteen, was wearing
"You get a sense of time, you get a sense of where your head was, the issues you were thinking about, who you were at that moment."
McNally has updated his 1986 comedy -- savaging everything from celebrity-larded shows -- "theater is the new Statue of Liberty
To tell you the plot of this mysterious ghost play -- anything more than that Man brings Woman to the cabin and they eat two bites of trout -- or to even discuss the dramatis personae, is to give away the author's twists and turns of the evening.
I love the fall theater season. First, fall is my favorite time of the year in the city. Second, the fall theater season is chock full of new offerings, but the pressure to see them right away is less than it is with spring offerings, as the Tony Awards isn't as imminent.
It has been said that in a contest between a river and a rock, the river always wins. Why? Because the river is willing to follow the natural call of gravity, going over, under, around or, eventually, through the rock, to its destiny which, as with all water, is to ultimately merge with the ocean.
But all this collegiate indulgence seemed a distraction from the pure rock dream we saw in Bruce. We were desperate to find
If traditional family summer vacations do anything, they allow you to revisit your childhood through the eyes of your children. But they also give you a greater appreciation of your own parents, who gamely endured the same experience with you 30 or so years earlier.
But ABC has saved a few fan-favorite shows: Shonda Rhimes' other ABC series "Private Practice" -- which moved from the post
"Support the troops" has, unforgivably, become a cliché, empty words echoing in a historical vacuum. Bruce Springsteen gives us an idea of what it means to make it real.