The Rocky Horror Picture Show

A personal connection to the cult musical prompts writer Matt Baume to investigate.
Cult classic "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" is officially 40 years old. From the "Time Warp" to jump-starting Susan Sarandon's
All photos courtesy of Santiago Felipe. Curated by art collective and party promoters The Culture Whore, "ROCKY HORROR SHOWS
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We're in the thick of a movie-musical renaissance. Ignited by the success of "Moulin Rouge!" and "Chicago" in the early 2000s
Check out photos of Jim Parsons' "Rocky Horror" performance below: Parsons, who nabbed Emmy Awards in 2010 and 2011 for his
I'm so glad that I was part of the spark that ignited this eternal flame. I'm so glad I was there when it all began. It will forever prove to me that we can indeed rise like Phoenixes from the ashes of our own devastating personal events.
"I wrote a song about my high school girlfriend who broke my heart and have been milking it ever since. The irony of it is, it's the very first song I ever wrote and it's the song that's pinned on my back, kind of like 'kick me.'"
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This year being the 25th anniversary of the release of the Talking Heads' concert classic Stop Making Sense, I spoke with Talking Heads Jerry Harrison and Chris Frantz on the cult favorite.
St. Trinian's is to the U.K. what Rocky Horror Picture Show is to the U.S.
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