Relive the moment that defined Pippa Middleton's butt. CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article identified the dress
Happy Royal Wedding Anniversary! But what about those moments we didn't see? The florists getting ready, the cake being decorated
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Well, after all the hoopla and the pipes and drums and fabulous global marketing and crazy stuff like that, it was really a very nice, simple affair. I'm sure that all of us who were there had a very good time.
While the rest of the world is obsessed with the pre-wedding jitters of poor Kate and the intrigue surrounding her dress designer, the only person I can think about is the wedding planner. We don't know who it is, so let's call this poor thing 'Doris'.
Britain has become one of the most tolerant places in the world; but scratch the surface of this great country and you realize that it is only tolerant for those that respect the protocols and know their place.
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There was a rumor that portions of Franco-American Spaghetti-o's were going to be on-hand, but the Duke of Gloucester nixed the idea since they were thought to be too hard to eat while mingling.
If I'm going to be one of those 900 at a wedding where 1900 people are in attendance, I may consider just sending a gift card or something, and skipping the actual dog-and-pony show entirely.
Estibalis Chavez, a poor Mexican teenager who famously went on hunger strike outside the British embassy in Mexico City in