The Salvation Army

Members of the motorcycle club were volunteering outside of a Walmart when they were asked to leave.
The Baltimore store is being touted as the first of its kind, with a mission that it hopes will spread.
Here are some of my favorite, frugal, effective non-profit citizen action organizations that you may wish to favor with your
It is not with a happy heart that I share this story, but it may help others who want to help their community by the gifts
Letting go of things is never as easy as decluttering experts say it's going to be. But when you've reach the point where
This is the area in your birth chart where you connect to your mystical inspiration; or your spiritual or religious faith
Kate the Wasp has been on hiatus, but she returns to spend the holiday season "doing the most good" as a Salvation Army. Watch
The Salvation Army needs to retreat and get its act together. Either they are a pro-gay organization that supports equality or they believe that homosexuality is a sickness that can be cured. Even the greatest PR pros in the world won't be able to square this circle.
After Hurricane Sandy, the retail industry quickly began assisting those who have had their homes and lives damaged. Some are boutiques that regularly give to charity and made special donations; others are larger corporations donating more than $1 million.
The good news? Today, many donut retailers are giving away free donuts to celebrate the day. Here's where you can snag a
Polling is often put in the field with questions that are skewed to obtain a certain set of answers. It's the old question
Like the Protestant Christian organization's holiday campaign itself, the controversy is very much an annual one. Last year
Charities that receive a large amount of contributions in the form of gifts, rather than monetary donations, saw a 4.7 percent
In a rush to get organized, you may have tossed some old clothes in the garbage, only for them to end up in landfill. Had those threads been given to a thrift shop or charity, someone else might be wearing them now, or they could have been turned into other, useful products.
I'm not alone in my love of doughnuts. According to one of my favorite little pamphlets, published in 1945 by the Doughnut Corp. of America, the doughnut is a symbol of fellowship, friendliness and a good time.
Varlesi's attorney Deborah Gordon argues that WSU and the Salvation Army violated Title IX, which bars federally funded institutions