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We are far and away the world leader in putting our own people in jail. Most of the people inside are poor and Black. Here are 40 reasons why.
“Mandatory life without parole for a juvenile precludes consideration of his chronological age and its hallmark features
More than 10,000 persons are now locked up in America's jails for life with no chance of release. The majority of these non-violent offenders are there for either drug offenses or property crime.
“Many Latin American countries, countries in Eastern Europe and in Asia don’t have the sentence as a possibility in any part
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Incarceration rates for black women have dropped in the past decade. Is this a sign of progress, or have we found new ways to criminalize our most vulnerable? Laura Whitehorn and Thomas Giovanna join Marc to debate whether or not the issue has been resolved.
Read the entire report, here. The findings are published in the report "The Changing Racial Dynamics of Women’s Incarceration
Although it does mark the end of long and grueling campaigns, the day after Election Day should not be perceived as the end, but rather, the beginning.
"This is a fundamental question of democracy," said the Sentencing Project's executive director Marc Mauer. "These policies
What if judges routinely and consistently departed from sentencing guidelines? What impact could it have on the composition of the inmate population nationwide?